now available on your mobile!

11 Feb

The popular French culinary website,, now has a new phone application for free, available since early 2012.

The icon

The new app allows you to have thousands of recipes and culinary advice and tips with just the click of a button on your mobile phone.

The app consists of all of the culinary website’s functions, such as: over 54,000 different recipes, lists of restaurants, demonstration videos and its blogging service.

The website has become increasingly popular within all french food-lovers, as well as newer international visitors and is now expecting and even larger growth in visitors with its new app.

The company’s app has received almost a 4 star rating on the Android Market website and is also available for the iPhone.

As a user of the marmiton french site this app is like a gift from the Heavens as I now no longer have to keep my valuable laptop in the kitchen in risk of something happening to it like a pan of oil spitting on it or water getting on it.


One Response to “ now available on your mobile!”

  1. lianos7 February 27, 2012 at 9:03 pm #

    It indeed looks very useful.
    Like the fact that you’re giving the reader a reason why he/she should use it.
    Bad things happen all the time in the kitchen… 🙂

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