Kraft’s newest innovation: Milkbite Milk & Granola bar

14 Feb

The American company, Kraft Foods, has officially launched their newest snack bars, the MilkBite Milk & Granola bar, today on February 14th 2012.

Kraft's newest product: the Milkbite Bar

The company’s new product is the healthy version of a snack bar made with whole grain granola, fresh milk and fruits or nuts.

The snack exists in a variety of five different flavors: chocolate, oatmeal raisin, peanut butter, mixed berry and strawberry.

One MilkBite bar has the equivalent amount of Calcium as an 8oz glass of milk and contains Vitamin D, protein and fiber with no artificial ingredients or coloring.

The MilkBite mascot, Mel

MilkBites are now available in supermarkets at the retail price of $3.49 and can be found in the refrigerated dairy aisle.

The advertising campaign they did for this product is adorable, it is a MilkBite bar called ‘Mel’ and he is having an identity crisis because he does not understand what he is, Milk or Granola? It almost makes you want to buy it simply because he is so cute.


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