Ever heard of a Saucisson without Fat???

6 Apr

The French cooked meats brand, Bordeau Chesnel, has recently launched their new product:  a saucisson without all the fat!

The new Saucisson Sec

The new fatless product, also known as the ‘Saucisson Sec’, is a french salami without all the excess fat in it, giving it a drier and more jerky-like texture.

The Saucisson Sec has four times less the amount of fat as a classic french saucisson, making it much healthier and less heavy.

Saucisson is a classic apperitif snack food that french people typically served over drinks and at lunches and even in sandwiches.

Is this new Bordeau Chesnel product an attempt to motivate the French to eat slightly healthier and eliminate fat from their daily diets by trying to replace the traditional french food?

Personally, I don’t like the fat in saucissons. It gets caught in your teeth, it’s high in calories and is a heavy cooked meat, but the French have always said that fat adds flavour.

The other day, in order to give a true opinion on the new Saucisson Sec, I went to the store while home in France and bought one to have a taste for myself and I have to say it was incomparable.

It was much drier and reminded me a bit of jerky but was very pleasant to eat and felt so much healthier.

We shall just have to see  how successful it is with the French saucisson lovers.


One Response to “Ever heard of a Saucisson without Fat???”

  1. gemcoleman April 18, 2012 at 8:02 pm #

    You have convinced me. I will take a trip and try this new creation. I really enjoy your informative blogging.

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